Friday, February 26, 2010

Smily Kitchen, Liverpool St

This place has only recently opened on Liverpool St, opposite KFC. In previous incarnations were Steve's Kebabs and then Yumi, which sold an somewhat odd combination of kebabs and Japanese food.

I checked the place out this week with a couple of friends and we sampled a few dishes from their cooked-to-order menu. They also offer bain-marie Chinese food and sushi, but I totally recommend cooked-to-order dishes based on how fantastic our food was!

Steamed pork with chinese mushroom dumplings ($7.80). Fantastic - although they are very slightly on the doughy side, they have the most flavoursome dumpling filling I've ever tasted. Also on offer are pork and chinese cabbage dumplings, and fried versions of both flavours (which cost a couple of dollars more).


I had the special - spicy squid and a can of soft drink ($14). Again, this was fantastic - the squid was perfectly cooked and not the slightest bit greasy. Thoroughly enjoyable.


Mapo tofu ($11ish). The menu image shows this dish in a hotpot, but it was served on a plate as below. Nonetheless it was thoroughly enjoyed!


Satay chicken noodles ($10ish). A huge plate of noodles with a tasty sauce and perfectly cooked chicken.


I'll definitely be back to try more dishes, particularly the soups as the weather starts to cool.

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