Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ramen in the Alley

The Alley Cat in North Hobart hosts a Japanese chef on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They have 5 flavours available, plus several specials.

Tan tan ramen: Thick egg noodles covered in a spicy sesame flavoured pork and chicken based ramen soup topped with pork mince, egg, bean sprouts and spring onion ($16). Delicous! I am a sucker for anything sesame flavoured, and this dish is wonderfully satisfying on a cold Hobart night.


Champon ramen: Thick egg noddles stir fried with cabbage, carrot, fish cake and pork belly strips covered in a chicken and pork based ramen soup ($16). Also very tasty, although I added plenty of chilli powder to liven it up. It's a huge meal with all the noodles and cabbage.


We've also tried the Japanese pickles ($5), which were very tasty. Daikon plus two other unknown types of pickles (our waitress didn't know their English names). A great little starter while you are waiting for your ramen.


They also sell edame, gyoza, seaweed salad and rice balls, which I hope to try sometime soon!


  1. $16 o_0 baaaaah. So how much were they charging for seaweed salad ?

  2. Thanks for the heads up on that!

  3. Sylvia: seaweed salad is $5, which sounds reasonable