Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Me Wah, Sandy Bay

Back in September J and I treated ourselves to a dinner at Me Wah. They have a couple of set menu options and we chose the Peony menu at $65. We enjoyed a bottle of Lalla Gully Pinot Gris with the meal.

The first course was 'Two kinds of hand made seafood dumplings steamed in bamboo basket'. One was prawn and the other a scallop sui mai. They were lovely, as was the accompanying special soy sauce.


Tasmanian squid, pan tossed with spicy salt and five spices, and crispy fried crab claw with sweet and sour sauce. The squid was a tad saltier than I prefer, but the crab was amazing and we did our best at getting all of the meat out of the shell!


Finely diced Rannock quail breast in sang choy bao. J wasn't very impressed with this, but I really enjoyed it. The flavouring on the meat was spicy and rich.


Crystal Bay jumbo prawns sautéed with velvet eggs, diced shiitake, string beans, white truffle oil and stir fried hor fun rice noodles. Deceptively rich but very moreish.


Braised S.A. King George whiting fillet in oyster sauce with fresh enoki mushrooms and steam baby bok choy. Steamed jasmine rice was also provided (in the bowl in the background). This was probably out least favourite of all the courses, I think because the fish was a bit dry. I got a kick out of the enoki mushrooms, though.


Wok seared eye fillets of beef with garlic wasabi sauce and steamed sugar snaps, served with special fried rice (in the bowl in the background). This beef was AMAZING. Melt-in-the-mouth tender.


Dessert of the day. We had a coconut crème brulee, which was the most delicious crème brulee that I have ever tasted! It was silky smooth with a perfect flavour. With it came a fried pumpkin cake in custard, which was also amazing. I had a glass of the Craigow dessert gewurztraminer with this course and it matched very nicely.


Tea with almond cookie. A nice way to finish the meal. The tea was lovely, and a little heated teapot was provided with more tea to top up with, but we found that a second serving was a little too bitter.


A pretty amazing meal, I can see why Me Wah is so popular. I've been meaning to go there for ages - I hope it's not so long until I go there again. I'd really like to try the weekend yum cha lunch.

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  1. Yum! We can never go past The Bund in Shanghai when we want Chinese, but we should really try Me Wah sometime!