Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random eats

A few recent (and not-so recent!) eats from around Hobart.

The Fat Boy roti at Machine Laundry Cafe in Salamanca. Delicious! Covered in satay sauce and stuffed with chicken and bacon.


Machine's soup of the day, I think it was pumpkin and lentil:


Machine Laundry Cafe on Urbanspoon

Red Velvet Lounge's baked eggs. Nice flavours and fantastic bread, I would have been really happy if the yolk had still been a bit runny though.


Sawak Cafe's nasi goreng. A gooey fried egg with lots of tasty prawns hidden underneath:


Little India: not the prettiest of lunches but it filled a hole! I find most of their curries are too sweet and generic but some are alright. This was a goat curry and a chicken curry.


J had lamb korma and mango chicken.


A couple of treats that my mumma got from Sweet Envy: peanut biscuits sandwiching a torte cream-style choc/coffee icing, and what I would guess is their interpretation of the classic Iced Vovo. Both were delicious!


Dumpling World's seafood fried rice:


And their chicken stirfry noodles:


Onba's mixed grill, from back in November last year. This is a terrible picture and doesn't do the dish justice. It had sausages, quail and a lamb cutlet with ratatouille, mint pesto and polenta. It was great... I especially loved the polenta.


My dining buddy's oven-roasted chicken breast filled with Tasmanian scallops and spinach on potato mash with red capsicum essence.


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