Friday, August 5, 2011

Annapurna, Salamanca

Annapurna Indian Cuisine has two restaurants in Hobart, one in North Hobart and the other at Salamanca. I *love* Indian food and seem to end up at Indian restaurants pretty often (though this seems to be the first time that I've blogged about one!).

One of my favourite things to order that a couple of Hobart's Indian restaurants offer is the Thali plate. Annapurna's menu describes this as "An Indian style combination plate served on a big tray with an assortment of individual dishes with steamed rice and Indian bread."

There are three type of thali available here - I chose the special thali ($22.90) which came with a piece of tandoori chicken, butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, a vegetable curry, raita, naan bread, a papadum and rice. There is also a vegetarian thali and another that has seafood.


It was great, as usual. It's a huge amount of food - only order it if you are hungry! I once made the mistake of ordering a thali and mango lassi - all that food topped off with the thick, yoghurty drink left me in a bit of a food coma.

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  1. I had a thali again on Friday. So full!! (and so good!) Erin and a couple of her friends went out to a few bars after, I don't know how they had room for drinks.