Sunday, March 14, 2010

Estia Street Festival

The Estia Street Festival is a Greek celebration of food and entertainment that's been running for quite a few years.

This is the dish we always get, chargrilled octopus, $7. The photo doesn't do the dish justice - they were beautifully tender and smoky in flavour. I especially like the bits with suckers!


Pork on offer:


We tried one of the kebab sticks, $3. I'm not a huge fan of pork, but it was beautifully tender and juicy.


We shared a small dip plate, $10. It was a very generous serve and the saganaki cheese (top of the plate) was particularly delicious.


Plenty of sweets on offer. I wish that they sold mixed packs with one of each of the sweets, as I'd love to sample them all!


We decided to try some xerotigana, $5. It's really tasty - crunchy, nutty and sweet but not overly so.


We also tried some freshly cooked loukoumathes, $5. These were very sweet fried dough balls coated in honey, and nicely offset by the dusting of cinnamon/nutmeg.


Some sand sculpting:


The crowd watching children doing Greek dances.


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