Monday, March 8, 2010

Monty's on Montpelier

Late last year I went to Monty's on Montpelier for a special dinner. We had a 3 course dinner, and these are some of the dishes that J and I tried.

Antipasti for one: carne cruda, patè di tonno + insalata caprese served with house made grissini ($22). This was my favourite dish of the night. Amazing! The highlight was the raw meat, carne cruda - it was perfectly seasoned.


Slow braised pork belly and grilled southern rock lobster over sweetcorn purée, with boudin noir and a port reduction ($22). J had this, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Interestingly, this recipe is included in Tasmania's Table.


Pan-seared duck breast in a pastry case of duck liver pâté + confit leg meat over a baked potato fondant, blanched asparagus and a shiraz + plum relish ($33). This was quite enjoyable, but just a touch too dry.


Tasmanian Fresh Farmed Rabbit tumbled through house made pappardelle in a light seeded mustard sauce with pancetta, herbs and crisp capers ($33).


Hansen orchard sticky apple tarte-tatin with bay and clove ice-cream and white wine honey ($13). My dessert didn't quite live up to the previous two dishes, sadly, it just didn't have any amazing attributes. I wished I'd chosen the chocolate tasting plate instead - I was suffering from dessert envy!


Cheese! J selected 3 types instead of a sweet dessert. They came with Monty’s made toasts, house made fruit paste and fresh fruit.


The extensive cheese list.


Gorgeous lighting.


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