Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue Eye, Salamanca

Blue Eye is a newcomer to Salamanca in the space previously occupied by the Mexican restaurant, Tacos, at the bottom of the silos. It's a sister restaurant to the very popular Flathead in South Hobart.

I perhaps made the mistake of ordering a vegetarian dish in a seafood restaurant, but it sounded so good on the menu that I couldn't resist: Roasted beetroot gnocchi, honey brown mushrooms, parsnip and parmesan cream ($22.90). What I got was tasty enough but a tad disappointing: a single square gnocchi that was crispy on the outside. It also seemed somewhat small, more of an entrée-sized serving. The mushrooms were delicious, however.


Other people at our table seemed to enjoy their meals, though; the chilli salt squid looked fantastic.

The drinks list is full of great value options, and I love their blue water glasses. Service was great and the place looks really nice. They should do well.

(apologies for the poor image - I have a new phone and am trying to figure out the best settings to use in low light)

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