Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maldini, Salamanca

J and I enjoyed at Saturday lunch at Maldini. I've been there for breakfast a couple of times and really like it, and have meaning to try their non-breakfast food for ages... finally got around to it! They have heaps of amazing sounding things on the menu which you can see online - I particularly wanted to try the pork loin dish but it seemed a bit much for a lunch time.

I ended up going for a dish from the Specials menu, which was a creamy salmon and asparagus fettuccine. It was delicious but deceptively rich - I couldn't finish it all, and went home and lay about in a food coma for the afternoon!


J had a beautiful dish of crispy skinned Atlantic salmon on smashed créme fraîche pinkeyes with a tomato, green olive & lemon salsa. Everything about this was perfect.


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