Monday, June 27, 2011

MONA Museum Cafe

J and I recently checked out the Museum of Old and New Art - a pretty incredible place. While we were there we had lunch at the museum cafe. It was busy the whole time we were there - they must have a pretty high turnover!
I had the pie, which was tasty with lovely pastry (a pie isn't good without nice pastry!) mona3 J had the eggs benedict muffin. The sauce looked a bit strange (not quite as strange as the photo makes it look) but it all tasted good. mona1 He was feeling hungry so also enjoyed a chicken wrap. mona2 Next time I'm there I'd like to check out the Wine Bar - the menu looked really interesting. And I'd also love to go to the Source restaurant sometime, perhaps for a special occasion.


  1. I love their falafel wrap and the pumpkin/cashew/yogurt/etc salad.

  2. I adored MONA! It was a real highlight to my Tasmanian trip! :D Good to know that the food in the cafe is good too. The restaurant there is divine.

  3. I was tempted by the felafels, Snuva... Next time :)

    MONA seems to be a very good thing for Tassie tourism, Lorraine!

  4. "J was feeling hungry"

    hehehe o rly? ;-)