Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shanghai Village Dumpling, Melbourne

Shanghai Village Dumpling is in Little Bourke Street, very close to where I was staying on my recent Melbourne holiday. We walked past one evening and there was a line out the door - a good sign! We headed there for dinner the next night. It's a funny little place, with seating on several levels. It's noisy, a bit dirty and very chaotic, but I loved it! The food was fantastic, and dirt cheap. I wish we had places like this in Hobart.

Fried spring onion pancakes ($3.50). This was a great start to the meal, although I do think the pancakes at Written on Tea are better.


Crispy pumpkin pastry ($3.20). These were unusual, but I loved them! They were sweet and almost custardy with a nice pumpkin flavour.


Steamed chicken and prawn dumplings ($7). Tasty with a nice wrapper. I saw bamboo steamers of dumplings being delivered to other tables that looked even better, but I couldn't figure out which dish they were on the menu.


Shanghai fried rice with diced chicken ($7.80). It looks like standard fried rice but was very tasty - a perfect filler dish.


Great food which fed the two of us for under $30 - bargain! I'll definitely head back next time I'm in Melbourne.

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  1. I love Shanghai Dumpling House! I came upon your blog whilst looking for reviews of cider, and then happened upon this review. Its such a great place to grab a cheap bite with friends. I just adore those little pumpkin cakes, they are so unusual and I never ever find them anywhere else. The Dumplings in the bamboo steamers are little shanghai dumplings that actually have soup in them, so when you bite into them you get that beautiful juice. Just lovely. I am glad you enjoyed some of our Melbourne eating spots, I am mad for some of the restaurants in Hobart at Salamanca!

    I have only recently started blogging about my eating adventures here in Melbourne- check it out if you get a chance, I am only just starting to try to make some friends in Blog World--- it is very amateur, I am still figuring out the basics.

    Keep up the good eating! ;)

  2. Thanks Lauren, and welcome to blogging! I'll be sure to check your blog out :)

    I thought the steamer dumplings looked like soup dumplings, but couldn't find them listed on the menu anywhere! Next time...

  3. dumprings! I'm a little confused, is this Camy Shanghai Dumpling House in Tattersalls Lane, Chinatown or another nearby place with a similar name?

  4. Different place, different name - this is in Little Bourke St :)

  5. Shanghai Village - Little Bourke St