Sunday, March 6, 2011

Written on Tea, Sandy Bay

I've been meaning to make it to Written on Tea for ages, and finally got there. I loved it - will definitely be heading back again soon! The service was a bit patchy, but the food more than made up for it.

Spring onion pancake. Utterly delicious - I'm planning to try and make these soon (there's a great guide here).


Stir-fried roast duck with basil leaves. Pretty tasty but it was pieces of a whole duck still on the bone - J wasn't so keen on fussing around with the bones.


Fried rice with Chinese sausages and vegetables. Lovely.


Xiaolong bun-steam juicy bun. Otherwise known as xiao long bao/soup dumplings, these were fantastic! They were soupier than the ones we had in Sydney, but the skins weren't quite as good.


I sampled a bit of a friend's tofu dish (I've forgotten the name, sorry). It was fantastic, with a good amount of chilli heat.


Eggplant filled with minced pork. This was ok, but the sauce was very very salty.


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  1. Ordered the pancake last time and thought I'd have to eat it all myself (but I'd had it before and knew it was a must have!) since we assumed it had egg in it and Tim couldn't have it. Pleasantly surprised to find it didn't!

    The rice was super salty I thought, wouldn't order it again.