Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sawak Cafe, Collins Street

Sawak Cafe has recently opened in the spot previously occupied by Pasta Resistance, next to the Collins Street entrance to Chickenfeed. They sell a range of Malaysian dishes, and I've been working my way through the delicious menu.

Nasi lemak ($11). Lovely coconut rice served with the traditional accompaniments: fried chicken, peanuts, egg, cucumber, sambal sauce and the addictive dried anchovies.


Char kway teow ($10.80). These fried rice noodles are simply fantastic - they even beat my previous favourite version from Chatterbox in North Hobart. I think the magic ingredient is the lap cheong (Chinese sausage), which you can't see in the photo.


Kari ayam with roti jala ($12.80). A chicken curry with pieces of potato, bean curd and beans, served with net bread. This was enjoyable, although I prefer curries with a bit more of a kick to them. The roti tasted like it was fried in butter (delicious!) but had more of a pancake texture than I was expecting, although that probably wasn't helped by my carrying it back to the office in a sealed plastic container - the bread probably ended up soggier as a result.


Other things on the menu that I plan to try in the future include laksa, nasi goreng, mee goreng and the beef salad... after the Christmas holidays!

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