Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orizuru Sushi Bar, Victoria Dock, Hobart

Dinner with friends at Orizuru earlier this month. It was alright, but not amazing - mainly it just made me pine for the quality of sushi that I am used to in Melbourne or Sydney. The restaurant itself has had a bit of a makeover since the last time I was there (which was ages ago), and the servings seem smaller.

Soft-shell crab sushi. It felt like there wasn't enough batter on the crab. I wish more places in Hobart had SSC on their menu.


Vegetable tempura. This was great, nicely crisp.


Seaweed salad. I adore seaweed salad, and this was up to scratch, but it was a teeny tiny serving in a small bowl - more seaweed would have been preferable to the unnecessary lettuce/carrot garnish.


Chirashizushi. The seafood was fantastic, the eggs and rice underneath were uninteresting.


The dinner box that a friend had, which again seems smaller than it used to be.


Despite my comments above, I did enjoy the meal although that's likely to be partially (if not wholly) due to the company we were with. I came away from it feeling a bit poorer and still a bit hungry (J and I shared the first four dishes pictured).

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  1. I’m just wondering have you ever been to Japan. If you have, I don’t think you would make such non-sense common. I come from Japan; I have never ever had something that call soft shell crab roll, California roll or the nori roll with fly fish egg outside in my country. These kinds of foods are only made up for western people.

  2. I haven't been to Japan, but I'd like to someday. I'm not claiming that Orizuru's sushi is authentic, nor that I am an expert on authentic sushi at all. Just posting what I ate, and commenting on what I liked about the food :)