Monday, March 21, 2011

Brunswick Hotel, Hobart CBD

The Brunswick Hotel on Liverpool Street has been revamped (I'd never been there before the recent renovations), and it's a rather nice space. We had the fun of sitting on their famous Chesterfield lounge - I think we had about 7 people along the lounge from our table, then there was a gap, then even more people were on it at the next table!

The menu is pretty interesting - lots of gastropub-type food and reasonably priced. Based on the strength of the menu I was surprised at the how few dining seats there were. We had a very long wait for our mains, but we were a large group of 14. Once the food came it was pretty well received.

Apologies in advance for the shoddy photos - it seems my phone camera wasn't interested in focussing properly that night!

J and I shared one of the dishes from the 'Bigger' side of the menu, and 2 from the 'Smaller' side. First up from the smaller dishes was the grilled Storm Bay calamari and chorizo with eggplant ($15.50). Rather nice.


We also had the Cygnet rabbit, pork and ham hock terrine with pear pickle ($15.50). Not bad, but nothing amazing.


Our bigger dish, the hand-rolled herb pasta, mushroom, baby leeks, hazelnuts and gruyere ($22). This was amazing - beautiful flavours, not too rich, lovely textures. I want to go back for this dish alone.


Finally, a plate that another friend had - I had to take a picture as it looked rather spectacular, although I am still trying to decide if I actually like the styling or not. The dish was free range duck breasts, beets, cherries, parsnip and orange.


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  1. These food looks tasty. The price is also a good deal. I think it will be worth to go to Brunswick Hotel to try these dishes out!

  2. Thanks for the review. I'll be in Tassie for two weeks from Jan 1 and have been looking for restaurant reviews. If the hand rolled herbed pasta is on the menu at the Brunswick, I'll have it for sure.