Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garagistes, Hobart CBD

Garagistes is a new wine bar and restaurant in Murray Street, next to the Cupping Room, and is opening tonight. This is Luke Burgess's new place - he who has trained under Tetsuya Wakada and spent time at Noma, and locally, has taught at the Agrarian Kitchen and ran Pecora... what a resume!

Check out the website at - the sample menu sounds fantastic, and the (42 page!) drinks list is impressive and informative. Maybe one day I will treat myself to one of the $50 or $80 ciders..!

Update: see this post for a look at some of their current menu!


  1. Hi Bri - not sure if you saw but you won the macaron zine! Would you please email your postage details to and I will send it post haste...

    Congrats and thanks for playing!

  2. My wife and I recently had our anniversary at the very stylish garagistes in murray street Hobart. A shared/tapas approach to Food was wonderful. The
    Wine list was overwhelming but you certainly end up with a nice drop.
    Service was mature and friendly - relaxed but very pro.
    We look forward to returning. Not a cheap eat but worth it !

  3. Sounds like a great anniversary dinner, it's great to hear you enjoyed it!