Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime cider


This stuff is my absolute favourite drink at the moment. It actually tastes so much like real strawberries (and not that horrible artificial strawberry flavour) that I expect to find strawberry seeds at the bottom.

The same brand also has Apple and Pear ciders available in Australia, which are also pretty enjoyable. But through the power of google I have just discovered that there are a heap of other flavours overseas: Passionfruit! Forest berries! Apple & Elderberry, Raspberry & Starfruit, Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Melon, Elderberry... I want to try them all!


  1. That looks like my kinda drink!

  2. You should give Kopparberg Cider a try.... a little lighter, but still giving that natural taste. = )

  3. Ooh, I don't think I've tried that one. I see they have a mixed berry flavour, too! I will try and find it - there's not a huge variety of ciders available in Hobart yet. I recently visited a friend in W.A. and nearly died of shock at all the varieties they had available there!

    I love trying new ciders and definitely have a preference for those that taste true to the fruit. Too many apple ciders just don't taste like apples...

  4. Hey Bri. Did you happen to get that from Cool Wine in Hobart? It is extremely popular - flies off the shelf and is delish like you said!

    I'm well acquainted with the owners there, and will recommend ordering some of the other varieties. They're always interested in new ciders and beers.

  5. Hi :) I've been getting them from the Black Buffalo in North Hobart, although they are out of stock at the moment and the supplier is waiting on a new shipment from Sweden. Very popular!

    I did stop at Cool Wine tonight though, and got some new different ciders to try (including a fancy French one!), will post about them sometime :)

  6. It is a tremdous pity that artificial flavours can trick some people into believing that they are the "real thing"!
    This is an extract from wikipedia regarding the production of cider in Sweden:- Due to Swedish law, stores in Sweden cannot sell cider with less than 15 percentage juice by volume under the name Cider.[25] "Cider" with none or less than 15% juice is instead usually sold as "Apple/Pear beverage of cider character". Brands of cider in Sweden include Rekorderlig, Kivik and Kopparberg cider. Most Swedish cider has little in common with traditional cider from other countries. Usually it is very sweet and it is very often berry or fruit flavoured, making it more like an alcoholic fruit soda.

    If you want to try a REAL Strawberry cider then take a look at Cheeky Rascal from Rebello ( Be careful though, it is 8% ABV. Perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun! It should be about $20 for a 4 pack. Only place I know where to get it is in Port Melbourne at Cellarbrations.

  7. I tried the Rebello Wines Cheeky Rascal Strawberry & apple cider at the Melbourne Food and Wine festival, it was sensational. it's made with 20% strawberry juice as they're affiliated with Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm. They told me that they're releasing a raspberry one in a couple of weeks, looking forward to trying it. I've tried to track down some more of their strawberry but it's hard to get hold of, found some at A bottleshop in Lygon st.

  8. We sell the Cheeky Rascal Cider at the Classic Cinema Elsternwick in Apple, Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry!

    If only we had all of the flavours of the rekorderlig, I'm desperate to try the pomegranate and the gooseberry ones!!!