Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taste of Asia, North Hobart

Taste of Asia is a favourite for J and I when we don't feel like cooking; their curries are delicious.

Lamb and potato curry and Massaman chicken, regular size (as you can see, the servings are very generous!)


Massaman chicken and beef curry (either Penang or Rendang), large size


I really miss the fish curry that they used to have, the curry sauce was fantastic. Apparently the fish became too expensive, but I wish they could have bulked it out with potato and used less fish instead - it's the sauce that made that curry so wonderful!


  1. Ooh I've just discovered your blog - I love it! It certainly is very persuasive, as, after seeing your Taste of Asia photos, I had to go get some just now, and I hadn't been there in years LOL! The massaman chicken is so awesome I can forgive the overcooked rice :)
    -Buffetslut :)

  2. Hello hello - thanks for the lovely comments!
    Taste of Asia is definitely a gem of a place :)