Friday, November 27, 2009

Singapore Chilli Crab

Island Markets are located in Derwent Park and although there are plenty of junk stalls to try and avoid, there's also a great fish market in the complex. I've set myself a challenge, where everytime I go there I buy some sort of seafood that I haven't cooked with before, and experiment with it.

Blue swimmer crab was my first experiment. I bought two, and they were approximately $5 each. I decided to try the classic Singapore Chilli Crab, based on this recipe (halved). Preparing the crab was much easier than I expected - everything comes apart pretty cleanly, and the recipe was quite easy. I omitted the sherry, as I didn't have any.

The finished product was AMAZING. The sauce was just so, so tasty - finger licking good! (and it literally was - it's quite a messy dish to consume). The crab meat was lovely and sweet, but also quite tricky and a bit frustrating to extract. I'll definitely make this recipe again, but use just pure crab meat (if I could find some decent quality stuff), or substitute with prawns instead, to make it easier to eat! I also think that the recipe uses far too much spring onion, so I'll halve the amount specified. Otherwise, it's perfectly delicious!

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