Monday, November 16, 2009

Cookbook challenge: a recipe a week

I spotted this one of the blogs I read (off the spork) and thought it sounded like a fantastic idea. There are plenty of blogs around that are themed, or following some sort of pattern (and become inspiration for books and/or movies, such as Julie and Julia!). As as side note, my favourite 'themed' blog is Alinea at Home, where the author is cooking her way through a mind-boggling range of recipes.

For a new blog writer, a theme or a challenge can be a great way to keep motivated and posting regularly.

So, as well as other random food-related posts, I'll be posting a recipe a week based on the idea that you can read here. I have quite a collection of recipe books, but don't use them very often - I'll browse them, but if searching for a recipe I tend to take the easy option of finding something online ( is so very handy). This challenge will kill two birds with one stone (poor birds, by the way!) - regular posts, and using my recipe books more.

The first week's theme is citrus, and I'm looking forward to picking a recipe!

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  1. Hi Bri, Could you please email me your email address so I can send you updates on the Cookbook Challenge? Thanks!