Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pasta Resistance, CBD

I tried the franchise (I think) pasta shop, Pasta Resistance, this week. It's on Collins St, next to the Chickenfeed exit.

I had a two-for-one voucher, so ordered two different meals: firstly, 'Spinach and ricotta ravioli', served with a tomato and mushroom sauce. This was ok, but nothing special. My pasta was a just a little bit too al dente, and they were quite large - too big to be eaten in one bite (without risking tomato sauce stains!). Having to cut it first was a bit of a hassle. The ravioli filling was great though - you could clearly taste the ricotta.

The next day, I reheated my other selection, the 'Pasta Sicilian'. This was fantastic - wonderful fresh tasting and textured spiral pasta, with a tomato-based sauce containing olives, sun-dried tomatoes and mild pepperoni. I don't know if this was better because it had been left for a day, but it certainly was good!

All pasta is $7.50 each for a regular size (small and large are also available, as well as family-sized take home serves).

Their motto is 'Fresh pasta & homestyle sauces' and I think they live up to this, while being reasonably priced.

I'll head back sometime to try their 'Chicken Bogotoa' or one of their pasta salads.

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