Friday, November 27, 2009

Ciuccio, Salamanca Square

On the first Friday of every month, a bunch of friends and I head to a randomly-selected restaurant for a big group dinner. It's a great way to check out a new place (we try to head to places we haven't been yet), and see a lot of the menu at the same time, as we all have quiet different tastes. In October, we went to the new-ish Ciuccio, in Salamanca Square.

I really enjoyed my meal here. We had fantastic service - our waiter was very professional and efficient, yet friendly. Drawing with the provided crayons on the butchers paper-lined table is fun!

Pizza at Ciuccio

I had the Pollo con Pesto pizza (pictured) which was delicious, wonderfully garlicy. Their pizzas are woodfired, quite big, nice thin crust. I also tried the Abruzzese (I think) and the Insalata di rucola, both just as good.

The Calzone and Fettuccine alla Vodka looked great, although the pasta was apparently very tomato-ey (almost too much) and very filling.

If you are in the mood for great Italian, especially pizza, Ciuccio is a great option (one of many!) in the Salamanca area.

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