Monday, November 23, 2009

Salt, Moonah

We visited Salt for a Sunday brunch - it wasn't our intial choice, as our preferences were either full (Jackman & McRoss) or closed (Grubb).

No pictures, unfortunately - it completely slipped my mind! The food was beautifully presented and service was friendly and efficient, with one minor quibble - we were told that there was no orange juice available, but there were several varieties of orange-based Charlie's juices in the fridge.

I had the duck and soba noodle salad. The pieces of duck were fantastic - tender and with a beautiful flavour. The salad itself was enjoyable enough, but lacking in a bit of seasoning or bite, I think. Some finely diced red chilli would result in an outstanding dish. Still, it was very tasty and quite a healthy choice for a weekend brunch.

I also sampled my lunchmate's dishes. The fish cakes were soft and nicely fishy, although they fell apart quite easily. The accompanying mint and cucumber salad was refreshing. The prawn and chicken nasi goreng was very moreish - I'd go back to order this myself!
Not sampled, but thoroughly enjoyed by my remaining dining companions, were the steak sandwich, which was a very generous serving, and the Moroccan (?) breakfast.

Our meals were in the range of $15-$20, which seems a little pricey for Moonah, until you taste the quality of the food.

Recommended as a place to find tasty, interesting food, and one of the best in the area.

p.s. I've still got my first Cookbook Challenge recipe to post. Moving house + no internet at home for several weeks = a very disorganised me!

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