Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recent eats: Jam Packed and Vanny's Cafe & Takeaway

Jam Packed is a popular cafe in the Hunter Street IXL Jam Factory complex. As well as tasty food, it also sells an interesting range of kitchenware, gourmet products and sweets.

I had the 'Open Bacon Sandwich with basil pesto tomatoes, avocado & house relish' ($15.50). All our choices were tasty and filling, but not cheap - although the prices aren't surprising considering the location. They have a unique selection of smoothies available - check them out here.

Jam Packed - Open Bacon Sandwich

Vanny's Cafe & Takeaway is situated on Liverpool Street, opposite Spotlight. It's a popular lunch choice for many of my workmates, and the food is consistent and great value. Pictured below is a chicken satay buried under lots of tasty peanut sauce, with fried rice and salad ($8). I usually skip the chilli sauce!

Vanny's - chicken satay etc

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