Thursday, December 24, 2009

My kitchen garden: update, week 3

Time for an update of the garden. It's three weeks since planting both sides.

The left-hand side is pictured below, and growing well. The tomatoes are really healthy, green and thick. A couple have started flowering already.
The nasturtium seeds took quite a while to sprout, but are now well on their way. I think they are going to look really nice edging the garden.
The beans also took a while, but are growing away heartily! I'll need to put up some sort of support/trellis for them soon.

I'll spread some more mulch around now that everything has sprouted.

The carrots seem to be a bit of a failure, unfortunately. The sprouts also took ages to appear, and seem to disappear as quickly. They're probably getting eaten by the snails. If things aren't looking up by the first week of January, I'll replant that section with something else.

Garden - left

The right-hand side of the garden is also generally doing well. The tomatoes are thriving and the snow peas are growing well. Some of my herb/lettuce seeds are sprouting. Incidentally, there's heaps of rocket appearing around the outside of both garden beds: bonus!

Garden - right

The basil isn't very happy, I was worried that might happen. It's yellowish and being eaten by some pest.

Garden - sad basil

I've got some black russian seedlings given to me by a workmate, who grew them to see if the seeds were viable (yep!). I'll transfer these into large pots or the garden soon.

Garden - black russian seedlings

My rosemary and sage plants are below, I've had these for a while and use them regularly in cooking.

Garden - rosemary
Garden - sage

Finally, some other pots that I'll plant out between Christmas and New Year. They were a bargain: 10 strawberry seedlings for $10, and 5 'potted colour' for the same price!

Garden - strawberries and flowers

Merry Christmas!


  1. You need some snail pellets!
    (I know, nasty poison...but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures).

    I expect that is the main reason your basil is unwell, too.

  2. I've been using heaps! It certainly works, there is snail and slug carnage all over the place, can't believe how many there are!