Monday, December 21, 2009

Milk and honey jellies

I found this recipe here on Kitchen Wench's website. The stunning photos have haunted me ever since I first saw them, and I finally got around to making them for a recent dinner party. I figured after a multi-course meal that they'd make a refreshing yet light and spectacular dessert, and they sure did!

Milk and honey jelly
Halfway through the refrigeration process

I won't repost the recipe - see the link above for details!

My alterations:
  • I used a smidgen more gelatin in each of flavours, just to be on the safe side.
  • I used that recipe to make 5 servings - I forgot to scale it up! So mine were slightly lower in the glass than they should have been, but it was ok - because my guests hadn't see how they were supposed to look ;)
  • I topped them with some grated dark chocolate.

The dessert is quite time consuming - it took over an hour for the first layer to set, and slightly less for each consecutive layer. All up the recipe took about 4 hours from start to finish. It's long but not arduous - and it's also a perfect recipe to make a day ahead, that way you don't have to do as much on the day of the dinner party! I took the jellies out of the fridge before my guests arrived and they were a perfect temperature by the time we got around to dessert.

My finished product is below - ugh, bad picture. I forgot to take photos before my guests arrived, and by the time I remembered as I was serving them, I had a few wines under my belt!

Milk and honey jelly

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