Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fish 349, North Hobart

I've eaten here several times, and it's been a bit hit-and-miss, but as long as you choose wisely from the menu you can find some rather tasty dishes.

Several months ago, J and I ordered the Seafood platter for two, and it was really disappointing. The components were all deep-friend and bland, with a boring accompanying salad. At nearly $60 we expected much better.

On our next visit, we had the Salt and pepper squid with rocket/watermelon/ginger salad, which was tasty and generous, and J had the red curry fish, which was amazing - such depth of flavour and nicely spicy without being too strong to kill the other flavours.

Most recently, it was another hit. I chose two entrees instead of a main.

Honey & sesame tempura prawn skewers with petite serve of saffron rice ($12.90)
Absolute highlight, and the best prawns I have had in ages. Crisp batter, just the right amount of honey and lovely fat prawns. The accompanying rice was nothing special, it tasted a bit like it had been cooked much earlier and was kept warm in the molds waiting to be used - the outside rice was a bit dry.


Tasmanian octopus pan seared with elderberry glaze and served with traditional bruschettina slice and hommus ($13.50)
This was enjoyable, although I compared it to the best octopus I've had locally (at the Republic Bar) and it wasn't quite as good. The glaze was nice and charcoal-y, and the octopus was tender enough. The dish was slightly marred by the old and somewhat dried lemon wedge.


My partner had the Moroccan spiced ocean trout on chickpea and lemon salad with mint and coriander pesto ($23.90).
He really enjoyed this dish, and scoffed it down pretty quickly!
It unfortunately also had an older wedge of lemon.


I do recommend Fish 349 for decent seafood dishes. Just don't get the platter!


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  1. I completely agree about the platter. P and I got that last time we went and were quite dissapointed, but those prawns look divine. Will try that dish next time we give the restaurant another go.