Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tasmanian Farm Gate

The Tasmanian Farm Gate farmer's market is held every Sunday in the Melville Street Carpark (just down from Island Cafe). It started at the end of October last year, and showcases fresh, local produce.

I really like the concept of farmer's markets and seasonal local produce, and was quite excited when I first learned about this new market. We haven't really have such a thing here in Hobart - Salamanca Market does have some decent local produce, but I don't really like battling tourists and dodging the craft stalls to find what I'm after.

The market is probably still somewhat in its infancy, but I hope it continues to grow and more people start to go there regularly to encourage that growth.

Here are some pictures from my most recent visit.

Some of the market, from Elizabeth Street:

My purchases:

I sampled all three of the Grandvewe cheeses on offer. Birchs Bay Blonde was absolutely amazing - I'll definitely buy it in the future, but at $20 for a small wheel it'll be for a special occasion! I also sampled their vanilla whey liqueur - wow. I wasn't expecting to like it, but it was sublime - refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness and a lovely hint of whey.

I bought the pork rillette from Matthew Evans himself, and felt like a bit of a fangirl, he's quite charming :)

J and I enjoyed some of the bread and rillette as a ploughman's lunch, complete with rocket from our garden:

The bread is fantastic, and has re-inspired me to try my hand at sourdough sometime. I'd love to try growing my own 'mother' (starter), though I know it's unlikely I'd get results anywhere near this without a wood-fired oven. It had a wonderful chewy crust.

Tonight we had some of the cheese on the sourdough, which was a fantastic combination.

This weekend is the official launch of the market - a great opportunity to check it out if you haven't done so yet (click on the photo below to enlarge)


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