Monday, January 4, 2010

Falls Festival 2009/2010 eating

Happy new year! I celebrated at the Falls Festival held at Marion Bay. I was particularly impressed with the range of food available at this festival - heaps of surprisingly interesting foods to choose from and all were reasonably priced.

Below is my favourite dish - a feast plate from the Hare Krishna stall ($10). Royal rice, mixed vegetable curry, savoury kofta balls with tomato chutney and a sweet, semolina-like dish (halava) with what I think were dates.

Hare Krishna food at Falls Festival 09/10

Other highlights included delicious noodles with plenty of fresh herbs and vegies, breakfast burgers, moroccan baby burgers ("now with even more baby!") and more that I have forgotten.
My food shame: a dagwood dog and frozen coke for breakfast on new year's eve. All the other stalls had long queues and my tummy needed recovery food, and fast!


  1. The Hare Krishna food was my favourite too, absolutely gorgeous vegetarian food - so tasty! C

  2. It was fabulous! They were selling a recipe book, and I now really regret not buying it. I'll have to keep an eye out for it