Monday, June 21, 2010

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe

My mum and I went on a little road trip along the north-west coast last weekend. One of the places that we stopped at was the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe. This place is very popular and it's easy to see why! Fantastic food that's great value, with raspberries being used in many creative ways. Service was very efficient.

Salmon Roulade: Tasmanian smoked salmon with cream cheese and herb filling in a sponge roulade served with salad and raspberry mayonnaise ($14). The roulade was just fantastic.


Lemon Curd Tartlets: Two lovely tangy lemon curd tartlets served with raspberry sauce and Meander Valley double cream ($6.70). I love lemon curd and these were wonderfully tart and sweet.


Raspberry latte ($3.80). Mum thoroughly enjoyed this!


We also purchased some of the chocolate covered raspberries to take home - they are quite expensive but absolutely worth it.

There's so much more on the menu that I want to try, so I will definitely be stopping in next time I'm in the area. Check out the menu here.


  1. I would pay $20 for that Salmon Roulade dish. Looks great.

  2. I have eaten there sooo many times and never had the roulade! Think I might have to try it next time :)