Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kitchen garden update: mushroom kit and hopeful winter crops

A quick update on stuff that I am growing: I bought a mushroom kit this weekend.

This is what's in the box: the casing in the bag on top, and underneath that is the mushroom compost that has been innoculated with white button mushrooms.

A closer look at the compost:

The first step is to spreading the casing over the compost.

Then wet it and put it somewhere dark to grow - I've put it in a cupboard that isn't being used for anything at the moment. It needs to be watered with a mister every couple of days, and in a week or two I should start seeing some mushrooms start to grow, and they'll be ready for harvest in 2-3 weeks.

The kit cost about $20, and the website says to expect to harvest about 1.5kg of mushrooms. If so, they'll work out to cost more than store-bought mushrooms (which are about $10/kg) but it'll be great to watch them grow!

I've also planted some more things in my vegie patch: spring onions, leeks and garlic. I don't hold high hopes as the patch doesn't get direct sunlight at this time of year, but we'll see. I've also planted some Italian parsley and coriander into pots and put them in our sunroom - now I just have to remember to water them!

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