Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thailand eating, part 1: Phuket

J & I spent three weeks in Thailand in March this year, and had a fantastic time. One of the biggest highlights was of course the food! This is the first of a series of posts showing many of the tasty things we ate.

We stayed in Patong Beach, Phuket for the first two nights of our trip. Patong was definitely not a highlight of Thailand - it's an intense, tourist oriented and mildly unpleasant town compared to elsewhere in the country, but it gave us some time to recover from the flight and get our bearings. These pictures are all from Patong. It's been a little while and so I have forgotten most of the prices, but from those I do remember you'll see how ridiculously and wonderfully cheap it is! Prices are approximate based on the exchange rate at the time.

The first thing outside of our hotel that we bought - a refreshing coconut complete with straw and spoon for scooping out the flesh, from a stand right on Patong Beach.


J had a thick and icy fresh mango juice:


Lunch at Pum's Restaurant, which is also a cooking school. We started with nam takrai, a delicious iced lemongrass drink (AU$2).


The Pad Siewe with beef: lightly stir fried noodles and vegetabless in sweet soy sauce with the meat of your choice (AU$3). Pum's food was fairly generic western versions of Thai food, but tasty none the less!


Pum's Dear Lesson: Thai fried noodles topped with a prawn omelette and served with a peanut and lime garnish ($3).


Bruschetta, from our hotel (Club Bamboo Resort). It's pretty great ordering food and cocktails and having them delivered right to your poolside lounge :)


A pineapple 'milkshake' from a restaurant near our hotel. Milkshakes are commonly listed on Thai menus but they rarely come with milk in them, usually they are just blended fruit and ice, such as this one.


Prawn omelette:


A chicken and baby corn stirfry:


Snacks and energy drink. We loved (and survived off) the uncarbonated energy drinks that could be found anywhere. I bought the sweet-bean filled balls entirely because the packaging was gorgeous! They came from a 7-11, which are everywhere.


Inside the balls:


These pictures are making me wish I was back in Thailand, especially considering it's only 4ÂșC in Hobart at the moment!

Next up: Naka Yai Island


  1. :-< WANTY WANT IT ALL. Who can I ask to come to Thailand with me on a foodie tour ?

  2. I will! I want to go back too.

  3. Good time to visit Phuket is between November - April which is the summer; no rain, blue sky, calm sea and many more food stalls everywhere.